Nora’s writing published in “Film on The Faultline”

Film on the Faultline

In a recent publication “Film on The Faultline,” Nora writes about her experiences as a filmmaker in post-earthquake Chile, Chapter 14: Home in a Foreign Land. The book includes 17 international writers and filmmakers discussing the parallels between film and natural disasters. Extract from the Introduction by Alan Wright (editor).

“Nora Niasari continues the reflection on home and belonging in her piece on the making of Talca Interrupted. Her own experience of displacement as an Iranian exile in Australia, as well as her studies in architecture and urbanism, has informed her films to date. Niasari travelled to Chile after the earthquake on February 2010 and returned at regular intervals to film the reconstruction process in Talca. The film focuses upon the fate of “Casa Antunez” and the extended family that lived for generations in the now ruined house. The dilapidated building stands as the site of collective memories and dreams for the future, a space of conflict but also a source of reconciliation.”

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