Nora featured in Screen Australia blog about emerging screen directors!

Nora is currently completing a Director’s Attachment with leading television director Emma Freeman on the Matchbox/FOXTEL TV Series “Secret City.” This initiative is sponsored by Screen Australia and the Australian Director’s Guild. In a recent article, “Nurturing the next generation of screen directors” Nora discusses her experiences on the show and her sensibilities as a filmmaker:

The Screen Australia/Australian Directors Guild Director’s Attachment Scheme is proving to be a valuable springboard for emerging directors, with an increasing emphasis on gender equality and cultural diversity.

Nora Niasari, who was mentored by Emma Freeman on Matchbox Pictures’ drama Secret City commissioned by Foxtel, exemplifies cultural diversity. Born in Iran, she was raised in Australia in a household where Farsi was the only language. “My mother exposed me to Iranian traditions, poetry and cinema from a very young age,” she says. “Iranian cinema made after the 1979 revolution has had a significant influence on my filmmaking sensibilities. In February 2015, I completed a filmmaking workshop with Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami in Barcelona, whom I consider a mentor and a true master of cinema.”

On “Secret City” she watched Freeman from script meetings to preparing actors and her visualisation process with DOP Mark Wareham and production designer Felicity Jane Abbott.

“Emma is an actor’s director who works with minimum camera setups and multiple takes, which means she focuses most of her time on crafting performances,” Nora says. “ I learnt a great deal about how to best communicate with actors to achieve the emotional beats of each scene within a limited time frame.”

While none of the scheme’s recipients has yet landed his or first feature directing assignment, the ADG and Screen Australia are confident that will happen soon.

See the link for the full article:

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