“MYSTIC ALIEN” (Performance, 2011) by Richard Goodwin

In June 2011, Nora Niasari collaborated with Artist/Architect Richard Goodwin to produce “MYSTIC ALIEN: Barangaroo Wand.”

This is the latest edition of his Alien Performance series titled “MYSTIC ALIEN.”

Watch the Film:

“The space helmet which I found by serendipity in Istanbul, which is really Karpov’s helmet, and that’s been verified and researched, you become an astronaut but you also become a kind of an alien. The performance was really, ‘here’s a guy who’s not going to get in supposedly; I’m just going to go and cause trouble. Walk into offices, walk into buildings. But be absolutely just the other. Passive’. I found it very very interesting. I didn’t get put in jail in the end. ” – Richard Goodwin

Richard discusses the “MYSTIC ALIEN” series in this Interview with Elizabeth Fortescue of artwriter.com.au

Tune into the PorosityTV Channel for more ‘MYSTIC ALIEN’ Performances.

© 2012 Nora Niasari

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