“Inside Out” (Documentary, 2009)

Inside Out

Synopsis: “Inside Out” focuses on Butetown; a multicultural community in Cardiff that has been segregated following the construction of surrounding gated communities. The short film focuses on three Butetown residents who reveal their identities through personal objects of nostalgia.

“Inside Out” was produced within the 2009 Cityscapers: Porosity Studio run by Richard Goodwin [COFA] and the British Council, Australia. The studio selected 60 Art/Architecture/Design/Film students from the UK/AUSTRALASIA to focus on ideas for the development of Cardiff 2020 over two weeks in March 2009. This particular film was a collaboration between an architecture student (Nora Niasari) and two documentary film students (Krishan Hukam & Toby Williams-Ellis).

Production Details:

  • Filmmakers: Krishan Hukam, Nora Niasari, Toby Williams-Ellis
  • Duration: 5 mins
  • Country of Production: Wales
  • Language: English
  • Completion Date: 2009


  • 2009 Cityscapers Cardiff Short Film Exhibition, Bank Building, Cardiff
  • Extended version “Nelson House” selected for Yeff! (Young European Film Forum for Cultural Diversity)

Published Platforms:

  • ‘Cityscapers Cardiff 2009’ Publication, Creative Cities, British Council Australia


Watch the Film:

© 2012 Nora Niasari

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